I Survived the first day of school

The first day of school
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I survived the first day of school and am now ready to begin the 2nd day. This year’s Bible study starts with 1st Samuel 1. Sometimes we forget about the Old Testament and how it paved the way for the New Testament. Here is a little of what we learned yesterday:

Read 1st Samuel 1:1-8

Verse 1-8 – Elkanah kept up his attendance at God’s altar, notwithstanding the unhappy differences in his family. If the devotions of a family prevail not to put an end to its divisions, yet let not the divisions put a stop to the devotions. To abate our just love to any relation for the sake of any infirmity which they cannot help, and which is their affliction, is to make God’s providence quarrel with his precept, and very unkindly to add affliction to the afflicted. It is evidence of a base disposition, to delight in grieving those who are of a sorrowful spirit, and in putting those out of humour who are apt to fret and be uneasy. We ought to bear one another’s burdens, not add to them. Hannah could not bear the provocation. Those who are of a fretful spirit, and are apt to lay provocations too much to heart, are enemies to themselves, and strip themselves of many comforts both of life and godliness. We ought to notice comforts, to keep us from grieving for crosses. We should look at that which is for us, as well as what is against us.

You should have heard the students say the Books of the Bible in unison! Once you learn something it sticks with you. If you memorize it just to get a grade, it does not stick.

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

Have a blessed day!!!! xoxoxo Janie

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