About Us

Janie Ferrell Harbor Christian Academy is owned and operated by Janie Turner Miller Ferrell. She has taught school in Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, as well as South Carolina for 38 years. She has her Master’s Degree in Education and is certified to teach all grades and subjects for grades 5-12. At the present time, she is working on Her Ph.D in Christian Counseling.

Janie has also been a part of the WGGS-TV16 ministry ever since it came on the air, serving in the area of the Prayer Ministry. At times, she is a guest on the Niteline program,She kept careful notes in a Journal about the early days of the ministry of WGGS-TV and is presently writing a book about these anointed days on top of Paris Mountain.

Janie was listed in “Who’s Who Among America’s High School Teachers” in 1994. She is also listed in the book for the year 2006. For 2013 she is listed with “Who’s Who Among America’s Educators.” This distinction is in the form of a calendar which recognizes the top twelve educators in America. Her complete bio and photo can be found for April 2013.

She is also a published poet having recently published a book entitled “No More Birthday Cakes For Me.” Her book may be ordered via Books-a-Million or other retailers. Published by Trafford Publishing.

Harbor Christian Academy is an established member of the Better Business Bureau.

Here is what Janie had to say about teaching. “When I was a young girl growing up in Williamston, SC, friends were all sharing what they wanted to be when they finished their education. I remember saying very emphatically,”The last thing I would be on the face of this earth is a teacher.” She wanted to be a court reporter. However, near Easter in 1963, she heard God calling her into His work. The moral of this is: Never say “Never.”

HCA started in 1992 and granted a Certificate of Incorporation, Nonprofit Corporation by Jim Miles 1995. We have graduated over 300 students from our small school, with students becoming Vets, Chiropractors, Public school teachers, Pastors, Military, and the list goes on and can be verified. Colleges have accepted our Diplomas since 1993. We rely on tuition and do not accept any government funding. Accreditation is entirely voluntary, and each school’s governing body must decide whether to pursue accreditation and from which organizations. HCA has elected not to become accredited.