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The Thought Came to Me Recently

The thought came to me recently and it was this. Why do parents pull their children out of public schools and place them in private schools? Also, why are these students from public schools so far behind the private school curricula? I will get into the second question another time.

In considering the main question, why do parents pull their children out and place them in private schools? From what I have seen in 40 years of teaching in private schools, the number one factor seems to be that teachers are mistreating their child. Of course, children have a slanted perspective of how one is supposed to be treated. Parents will believe their children, which is only natural. However, parents should ask for a conference with the teacher to bring things into a manageable perspective. It is always wise for the child to be at this conference also because more than likely the child will admit to their own misgivings.

Then, on the other hand there is mistreatment from teachers from time to time. We hear on the communication air waves, where teachers have sexually assaulted students. Once this teacher is apprehended they are dealt with by the law enforcement system.

Another factor is that parents think that private schools are reform schools. Parents are not fully aware of the fact that if they hide the information about behavioral problems, teachers WILL find out. Teachers might not see that there is a problem until the “honeymoon” time is over and that is when unmanageable behavior sets in. All of the training in the world, as far as psychology, sociology, and other such courses go, do not prepare teachers for what can actually happen in the classroom. The challenges from this unruly behavior will be discussed at another writing.

In closing, I will relate to you, what happened to one of my students three years ago. She was in Pickens County public schools. She was a smart student with impeccable behavior. One day she went to the restroom. There was an older student, who was in the fifth grade. After this girl came out of the stall, the fifth grade girl sexually assaulted this younger girl. To make a lengthy story short, the fifth grader presented a strong case for herself, as she and her parents met with the school authorities. The bottom line is this: the board believed the fifth grader, who said she did no such thing. The younger girl was punished for lying. At that point they call me and we enrolled her and she has been with our school ever since.

Janie Miller Ferrell


Thought # 2

In reference to my previous post on students from public schools being so far behind, once they come to our school, here it is. First of all, many students do not get the one-on-one attention from their teachers so that they can “get it.” I know want to ask why aren’t they placed in “Resource” or “special ed.” Many more students have special needs but the system will not permit classifying students with a handicap because funding is low and they feel like they cannot waste money on these students.

We know about the “dumbing down” of the curricula nation wide through the “School-to-work” program which was implemented several years ago. You have never heard about the school-to-work program? It equates school-to-work with school-for-work–that is, education and training programs in which preparation for work is explicitly a major purpose. Basically, the baccalaureate and advanced degree programs are not discussed here. The focus is on work-preparation programs that serve students in high schools or non-baccalaureate postsecondary institutions or out-of-school youth.

A key element of many, though not all, school-to-work programs is that they combine school and work during the same period of time. This may mean some hours of work each day, some days of work during the week, or some weeks working during the year. Combining school and work serves two purposes. First, it helps young people learn skills and knowledge to qualify for a full-time job in the near future. Second, it gives them the experience of using work to foster their own learning and thus contributes to their capacity for change and continued growth in the longer run.

Now what about the curricula for this program? It is not up to par because it has been weakened or “dumbed down.” Students are asked at an early age, what they want to do in life. They are then placed in this tract and courses will be inflicted upon them so that they have to stay in this same path through high school. One example is this, where a student in the 3rd grade had to make a declaration as to what he wants to do when he finishes high school, he wants to go to college to become an attorney. That is too bad. He has been in this lower tract and he cannot be expected to pass the college entrance exam.

Can you determine the destination of the school-to-work program? We are heading into a socialistic nation. Our forthcoming president is more than glad to carry us all the way into Socialism. In my next post, I will discuss ‘Socialism in a Christian Society.’ In the meantime, how about reading 1984, which was written in 1949, by George Orwell. This book depicts all that we are seeing around us NOW.

Janie Miller Ferrell


Once Upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a weekend that was calm, quiet and restful. That was this past weekend. No pressures. …just relaxing.

Not a lot of people are not on line for chatting because they are trying to get in those last few days of summer  That is as it should be.

Are WE that generation?

Basically, no generation of believers has had to stand against as much as this last generation. We stand at the end of time in this world. We are looking for the coming of Jesus Christ as no other generation has. All that was wrong and all that was right in the Church has come upon us.

I wonder why were we chosen by God to be in this generation? He knew what we would be up against. I have often thought, Lord you could have found someone better than me to live in this time. My daddy used to say, “Janie, your generation will see the coming of the Lord. I have often thought, “Is this it?” So this never took place and I became complacent.

So many before us have nourished us to be able to stand in this day, to stand in this time, stand in the power of the Holy Ghost. Everything we have ever gleaned from those who have gone on and still gleaning from some still with us was provided to keep us that we would be able to stand in this day against the fury of the devil and quench all his fiery darts. All of heaven is waiting.
what will we do?

Hell is preparing for its own but heaven is preparing for us hallelujah!  God looked into eternity future and decided you and I would be perfect for this time and this day. What He saw in us I do not know. But He obviously saw something and said, these will be able to stand. I will send these in the very last time. The gates of hell will not be able to prevail against these though the winds of evil blow as hard as they might. These I will make to stand and to stand strong

Have you given this any thoughtmy friends? God is not haphazard. He knows exactly what he is doing at all times. Yet he chose you and me for now. It boggles the mind. It is humbling and greatly encouraging. If God believed we could stand then that means we can. That means we will and it means we are.

If another generation is coming behind us and I doubt there will be, but if there is, they will have been chosen to be here as a delight before Him just as we have been.

Where ever He has placed you is no accident. You did not go down the wrong street or up the wrong avenue. You are exactly where you are supposed to be to call upon the name of the LORD and here Him say I AM is here. I AM is here to help you.

You will not lose this battle. Stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord with you. We may not have the strength to fight in this battle. But our eyes are upon Him. Beloved ALL things are working together for good to THEM THAT love GOD are the CALLED according to HIS purposes.

We did not choose Him He chose us – John 15:16
He delights in us – Psalm 16:3
The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church -Matthew 16:18
Stand Still and see his Salvation – 2 Chronicles 20:11-25
The called according to His purposes – Romans 8:28
He is I AM – Exodus 3:14

The Generation of Fulfillment

“I have ordained you to walk in the newness of life to come and follow me wherever I am that you may see my mighty acts. I have given you my Spirit to be your companion and your guard.

I have equipped you with my Word and my ways. Walk in the newness of my life, be filled with my Spirit always and you will see there is always a fresh reservoir from which to draw. I am the answer to everything.

I want to give some of you more if you will only trust me. I am about to turn the world upside down and you will hear the rush as the lost are shaken loose and run to find shelter. Some will find my path and therefore you must be where I am that they may know which path is good and which path is evil.

I have poured out of my Spirit and will continue to pour but never forget I have poured out my Spirit for my people that you may have my joy and have my refreshing always within you. I will give you new songs and fresh anointing.

I am ready to pour out this refreshing to you. I am about to take some of you and give you my Spirit and out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters and you will run the race with a joy you have never imagined. You have sat in dead places long enough longing for me.

Call unto me and I will answer and I will saturate you with myself and I will turn your longing into peace and your wandering into steadfastness.

This is a season of historic change in the world. This is the hour when you shall understand why I have given you My Spirit in such great abundance. No other generation since the first have known power such as I am about to give you, for you are the generation of fulfillment and the river is running and there is not enough force in the world to stop what I am about to do through you.”

Psalms 145:3-7 “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. 4 One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. 5 I will speak of the glorious honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works. 6 And men shall speak of the might of thy terrible acts: and I will declare thy greatness. 7 They shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness.”

Yes, we are that generation. Look at the signs that are lining up. If you can fit the puzzle pieces together you will begin to see what is about to happen More on this later.

Today is Humpday

Happy Humpday. Tomorrow we start sliding down to the weekend. It will be a long weekend because of the Labor Day holiday.

We have a Bible test on Samuel today and I am believing that all students will make a good grade. They did not know the story of Samuel until we started our Bible study. This is my major complaint about students, especially since they have been in church. They simply do NOT know Bible characters. Tomorrow we start on the Ark of the Covenant.