Online high school classes and courses are a real winner!

Have you been looking for a way to finish your high school courses online?

We can help! Here at Harbor Christian Academy we have a wide variety of ways for you to finish earning your high school diploma online. With our flexible curriculum, most if not all of your high school classes can be completed online!

Since you found this, you have obviously been looking around online for a way to finish getting your high school education. It can be confusing with all the really cheap “diploma mills” churning out fake diplomas left and right… Who do you trust? Read on…

By making use of the advancements in online education and technology, we actually help you complete the courses you need to succeed. Most of your work will be completed online and you will be graded on your performance. Just like with a traditional school, your grades are up to how well you pay attention and complete the required credits needed to graduate. We are happy to help along way!

Imagine being able to complete your school assignments online, yet still having help just a phone call or instant message away!

Harbor Christian Academy is a fully accredited traditional school that has been in operation in Greenville, SC for over a decade and a half. Our online and traditional graduates have gone on to finish college and move on into their desired career paths. You deserve that too!

A diploma from Harbor Christian Academy is even recognized by the United States Military as we are a “Tier 1” school. Our graduates have gone on to serve over seas to protect our freedom here at home. This means that you can rest assured that you are attending a 100% real, accredited high school.

Make the choice to take action now… In just a few hours each day you could be earning your high school diploma online from the comfort of your home!

  • Do you need your diploma to improve your career and financial situation?
  • Are you ready to get started with your online high school classes?
  • Do you have a child who needs to finish high school but can’t attend school for what ever reason?

Call now! 864-242-3096 and ask for Mrs. Janie Ferrell

Tell her you want to get signed up for the Online High School Program… oh and tell her Jason sent you. 🙂

Registration is just $80 and affordable tuition arrangements can be made.


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