Are any online high school diploma’s accepted by the military?

Online high school diplomas accepted by the military?

Since a change in the US Military enlistment requirements, a lot of folks are having a hard time getting into the Military.

What changed? Well you used to be able to get into the Army, Marines, Navy and Air force with a G.E.D by itself. Now if you want to get into the Military with a GED, you have to take several additional college level courses which will NOT count towards your higher learning. This has discouraged many enlistees and recruiters as well! Since most online “schools” are no more than a diploma factory, the Military has ruled that high school diplomas from the standard online sources are not valid.

“Can I join the Army with a GED?” Yes but as we explained above, you will get to do all sorts of extra classes which will not count towards your higher learning. You are much better off with your highschool diploma.

Recruiters have a hard enough time getting new soldiers to sign up, now this has made it even more of a challenge for these fine young would be troops to serve our country. If you are a recruiter facing GED headaches with enlistees… listen up! We can help!

Harbor Christian Academy in Greenville, SC is recognized as a “Tier 1” school by the US Military. Think of us as a one room school house who’s students are all over the globe. Unlike the diploma mill services, Harbor Christian Academy is a real school which works hard to maintain a good working relationship with our students and our Nations Military. Our standards have allowed us to maintain that “Tier 1” status over the years and our graduates have gone on to serve in nearly every branch of the Military!

If you are a new enlistee, or you are thinking about joining the Military and you have a GED and are facing this problem… Call Mrs. Ferrell NOW and find out about our High School Diploma program for the Military! You should even have your recruiter call the school to verify all of this before joining our program. You can enter the branch of your choice proudly holding your High School Diploma and be ahead of the pack. Often times it only takes a week or two!

RECRUITERS: More and recruiters are calling us for help every day! Call us now to find out how we can help more of your enlistees enroll with their High School Diploma rather than a GED. We know exactly what a pain in the rump the new GED requirements are being. Several of our recruiters are bringing multiple enlistees through our program. Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or any of your favorite forums… we are here to help. Use the icons at the bottom of the page to share this page with a simple click…

Payments can be made online OR you can send in a money order or cashiers check for convenient service.

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