Diploma Program

We offer several options for students wishing to get their high school diploma!

Option 1: Fast Track Adult Diploma Program for adults that already have their GED, Certificate of Completion or Life Experience Credits who need a real high school diploma.

Option 2: Online High School Program for students under 21 who have not finished their high school education. This option is for students 9-12th grade who need to complete high school credits online in order to graduate.

Option 1: Fast Track Adult Diploma Program

Are you an adult with a GED or Certificate of Completion and you need to get your real high school diploma? Do you have life experience in your chosen field and need to earn your diploma to get ahead in your career?

Now you can earn your high school diploma fast!

  • WITHOUT admission tests!
  • WITHOUT the hassle of attending classes!
  • WITHOUT studying for long hours and worrying over tests!

Now you can earn your recognized high school diploma online from Harbor Academy in as little as 7 days for just $279!

If you have your GED, a “Certificate of Completion” or 2 years of work or life experience in your area of interest then you may be on your fast track to getting your high school diploma!

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What if you don’t have experience? Not a Problem! Contact Us for equivalency testing to see if you qualify!

Our Fast Track Diploma Program allows busy working people such as yourself to get your high school diploma based on your GED, Certificate of completion, Life experience or through our online equivalency testing. This can be accomplished without have to go through high school admissions tests, sitting in classes or submitting tons of homework.

Imagine expanding your career opportunities to amazing new levels and boosting your self esteem simply by enrolling in Harbor Academy’s Fast Track Diploma Program!

Eligibility Requirements

Students wishing to enroll in our Fast Track Adult Diploma Program may qualify to do so based on:

  1. GED, Certificate of Completion or Life Experience
  2. Online Equivalency testing

If you have a GED, Certificate of Completion or 2 years of life or work experience that applies to your area of interest then you can get enrolled today!

What qualifies as work or life experience?

  • Employer sponsored workshops and training
  • Previous achievements in your education
  • Your job experience in any field
  • Personal goals, lifestyle, achievements and travel
  • Independent studies involving schooling, reading, writing, viewing or listening
  • Volunteer and community service participation

If you have the needed work or life experience, or your GED or certificate of Completion then you could have your high school diploma in as little as 7 days!


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Your Diploma Package will include:

  • 1 Original High School Diploma
  • 1Achievement Award
  • 1 Distinction Award
  • 2 Official Transcripts
  • 4 Letters of Verification

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not approved for your high school diploma!

All this for just $279!

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How does the Equivalency testing work?

If you do not have the need life experience or a GED, We will direct you through some designated testing to make sure you are functioning at a high school graduate level. Please contact us directly to take the equivalency testing. If you pass the equivalency testing you will become eligible for your diploma!

If you do not pass your equivalency testing we can work with you to get you up to speed in the subjects you are lacking by utilizing Option 2. Please note that there will be extra expense involved in getting your missing education. Contact us directly for more information.

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Option 2: Traditional High School Program

We are proud to offer our full fledged traditional online high school program for any student who hasn’t finished high school. This program is for high school students who, for what ever reason, may not be able to finish their education in a traditional manner.

When it comes to parents looking for individualized instruction for their students, our traditional online high school program is exactly what you are looking for. This is what parents and students all over the world have come to expect from Harbor Academy.

Our online high school program is perfect for:

  • Homeschoolers
  • Traveling Students
  • Teens who have dropped out or been kicked out of school
  • Pregnant students who may not be able to attend regular classes
  • Parents looking for a convenient alternative to public school or high priced private schools in your area
  • Parents who want the very best in individualized education for their children

If you would like to take advantage of our trusted traditional high school program and give your student the benefit of 38 years of teaching excellence, then you will have to contact us to discuss the full details.

Traditional high school program fees:

Registration fee: $80*

Annual Tuition: $1300 $799 If paid annually in advance!**

As you can see, our rates here at Harbor Academy make it possible for anyone to be able to give their child the finest private education while not totally breaking the bank! We also offer an affordable monthly tuition plan that makes it even easier to afford your children’s private education.

To get your student started in the traditional high school program you will need to:

  1. Pay your $80 registration online or include a money order with the following application
  2. Print this application form and mail it in with your registration if you haven’t paid online
  3. Contact the school administration to get set up and started

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*Please note the registration fee is NON-refundable.

**The $799 annual rate applies to each year of high school tuition paid in advance. If you request a monthly tuition plan the standard dues of $1300 will be divided into 10 monthly payments. Other book, curriculum or lab fees may apply please contact us for complete details.