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I Am Amazed!

Janie Ferrell

Harbor Christian Academy**where anyone can earn their high school diploma


The things I amazed at and Why

There are many things that I am amazed at. I am not at liberty to mention some of them. However, I will try to name a few. First of all, I amazed at seeing people talk with their mouths full. I know that sometimes, it is an emergency, like someone running out in front of a car while I am eating a hamburger. Sure, I will yell, “Stop, the car will hit you.” I know that this is only an example and will probably not happen, but if it does, ” I will spew food and yell.” However, there are people that know better and there is NO emergency. They will still chew and talk.

How about people that brag about the fact that they are a Christian. If you are, you will not brag about it. People should be able to see it in your eyes, face, how you act, etc. Many are quick to boast about what they have done for the Lord and will continue until you look at your watch and say, “My, look at the time. I must go to the grocery store.” They will go to someone else and start bragging. At least you do not have to hear it.

These people are quick to take certain jobs in the church. They are “gung-ho” to start with and soon they will fizzle out and they are gone. Why? Because they were not true Christians. What will happen to these people at the day of judgment? I know.

I stand amazed at family members who judge others in the family-they do not know all of the situations. We cannot put ourselves in their place. When I tell them I cannot drive to a certain place that day, I have heard that they say, “Well, she was out running around yesterday, why can’t she come up here.” OR, “I saw her on TV with Richard Robert for 2 hours the other night, so why can’t she go the fish camp with us.” Well, duh, hello, That is why I can’t drive or walk, for that matter for a few days. It is amazing to see how many people try to dictate your affairs.

And what about church? It is almost the same as above with a little different twist. “Well, she was youth pastor in 1970 and 71; she was Children’s Pastor from 1972-1974; then again from 1990-1995 so why can’t she accept a position now? I am circulating my poem on Peripheral Neuropathy among the church members that were there from the 70’s on. This seems to be helping. Some of these people are even coming to me telling me that they have this problem also.

Another thing I am amazed at and that is when people promise you that they will do something and they fail you. For instance, I have a friend who will promise that we will go to the beach the 3rd week in October. She says she will make the reservations at the motel and we will go and enjoy the relaxing time. I look forward to this for the weeks before the date. I will pack and repack with all the excitement that I have. Then I will call her the weekend before and ask what time we will be leaving. She will say, “What are you talking about?” “You said we were going to the beach the 3rd week in Oct. and it is almost here.” I never said we would go to the beach.” HELLO! I am not senile yet! Amazing!!

I can also speak to this category regarding students. They will promise faithfully that they will have a certain project done on time or that they will have a long lost book in. Guess what? They do not have it at all. This is why I can no longer believe students when they promise to do something. I know they won’t.

What about parents? We will set a time for a conference. I will sit and wait and wait and wait. No call to let me know they will be late or that they have to postpone the conference. Now this does not apply to all parents…just some I have had previously. Is that in poor taste or what?

Am I the authority? Maybe not. But I have seen enough from parents to realize. . .oh that’s where little Sally gets it.

I don’t know why I even bother. There must be some reason why I torture myself and deal with other people’s kids. It must be some punishment because of the way I hated school when I was growing up. I never wanted to go to school. I looked for excuses and I loved it when I was sick! So now I am a teacher! Actually this is my 43rd year of teaching so why do I continue to torture myself?

During my first year of teaching I remember how I struggled to get kids to learn spelling rules. I taught the 5th grade at our new school. All of these kids were coming from public school to a private school. They had no idea what spelling rules were, much less how to spell the words! Even Scott, who appeared to be the brightest in the class, had trouble. Scott was a pianist and played the piano for our class music time. Scott always took the lead in class and school plays – probably because he was a talker! He was not afraid to get up in front of people. Scott did have his problems though. Papers had to be signed each week and for some reason he let his grades drop. Because of the low grades, he got his sister to sign the papers for him. When it came time for report cards, his mother was livid! Why had she not been notified of the low grades? I said, “You were.” She replied with, “I certainly was NOT notified.” I pulled out the papers that she signed and at that moment her countenance dropped. “Wait till I get my hands on Lisa!” Through the years, Scott survived the trials and tribulations and eventually went on be an accomplished musician. Today he is an accompanist and composes music.

Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Scott serves as accompanist and coach for various musicians and schools in the area as well as serving Royal Lane Baptist Church as organist and St. Andrew United Methodist as Music Office Administrator. Scott holds a degree in Theory and Composition from Oklahoma Baptist University, and has done graduate work at the University of South Carolina. Scott has taught keyboard improvisation classes at Glorieta, Ridgecrest, and a number of state keyboard workshops. He has produced 3 albums and has a number of published arrangements for choir and keyboard. This situation really did turn out well.

In the second year of teaching, my class moved to the second floor of the building. Now there were many rooms, crevices and closets. One could get lost if they did not know their way around. LaDonna was a particularly impish young lady and you never knew what to expect out of her. She was not in class one day and I thought she was sick. I expected her mother to call the office to let them know why she was out. The next day she was absent again. So on the third day, I called her mother to see why LaDonna was not in school. Her mother begin to yell and scream at me, telling me in no uncertain terms, that her daughter WAS in school and was I so stupid that I could not SEE her sitting in class? I figured there was no use in arguing with her and I immediately called the principal. It all boiled down to the fact that one of the high school students that had class across from our class, told LaDonna that if she did not stop bothering him, he would cut her long hair off. Therefore, she hid in the closet downstairs near the bathroom and near the lunchroom. She stole snacks from the snack bar and used the bathroom when no class was downstairs. I do not know what happened to LaDonna. Her family moved in the summer after school was out. I asked myself, “Why do I even bother?” I could have gone into broadcasting since I had a degree in communications. Things like this irk me to no end!

A new school opened and I had a desire to teach there. My son could be in their daycare program and we lived right beside the school. What an opportunity! I was given a 6th and 7th grade class. Many of these kids came from public school into our private school. I had an assistant in the classroom and if I had not had this assistant, the school might have burned down. The principal was out of town and the only ones upstairs were the secretary, Patricia, my assistant, Donald, and me. I begin to smell smoke. Donald and I thought it might be Mr. Brown, who lived behind the school, burning leaves again. Then I saw smoke billowing out of the boys’ bathroom across the hall. Donald flew into the bathroom while I managed to get the kids out of the building. On the way out, I yelled downstairs, “Fire” and the classes downstairs headed out the back door.

Philip, a troublesome 7th grader was the last boy to use the bathroom. He had set some notebook paper on fire and it caught the paper towels on fire. Patricia had called the fire dept. as we were flying out and they came rather quickly. Needless to say, Philip was expelled. I always wondered through the years, what happened to Philip. What could I have done to help him? His parents were distraught over the fire and Philip had to serve some community service. However, through this experience something must have clicked with Philip because now he is an attorney in a town in southern Florida.

We moved out west and lived in Texas for 9 months and then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I taught grades 3-5 at a private school in Tulsa for four years. One of those years was very trying. Henry was in the 5th grade. He had lived in California all of his life till his Parents moved to Tulsa. Nothing or no one could make him happy-he wanted to go back to California. He hated Tulsa; he hated school; and the list goes on. He would not do his homework and he would not make friends with anyone. I tried everything and I was at my wit’s end. I had never encountered such an unhappy child. Eventually towards the end of the second quarter, Michelle, one of my happy fifth graders came to me as asked if she could pray for Henry. I readily agreed. She went to Henry’s desk and laid hands on him and began to pray, while the rest of the class came over and joined her. Henry began to cry…yes, cry. He wept uncontrollably and others joined him, hugging him. After that, he loved everyone and everything! Today Henry pastors a large church in Indiana. This is a priceless nugget.

Soon we moved on to Kentucky, where I taught school for two years. I had moved up in the world – total middle school. Never had I taught in middle school. I had a girl by the name of Beth. She was absent a lot but never brought in a doctor’s excuse. Soon the kids began to let it out. Where is Beth? “Oh, we have a history test today so she won’t be here.” This continued for several weeks. Beth was making 100 on all tests. My son, who was in the 6th, said. “Mom, Beth is calling kids to see what was on the tests so she can pass.”

At that point, I alerted the other two home room teachers and we begin to make up a different test for Beth if she was absent – a more difficult test. Soon she was not absent on test days-but neither was she making all 100’s.

Beth lived with her grandparents. He mother did not have time for her. Her grandparents promised her a car for graduation if she did not get pregnant before she graduated high school. Kids!!!! I do not know what ever happened to her.

After going through a divorce, my son and I moved back home where I began to teach at the school where Philip set the bathroom on fire. My son was in the 8th now, and in a different building from where I taught a 4th, 5th, and 6th combination. One boy was extremely challenging. He would fall out of his chair-just for attention, causing an uproar among the rest of the class. As he came and went from the water fountain or the restroom, he would bump into the door and then fall into the floor. He would trip on “thin air” as he walked through the class. After a few weeks of this I called his mother in. He did not behave this way at home and she just could not believe what I was telling her. Even after a few more weeks of this, I called her back in. She still did not believe me.

My son said, “Mom, let me install a video camera, with a wide angle lens on your book shelf, so that you will have coverage in most of the room.” I readily agreed. No one could see the camera and I could turn it on by a remote at my desk. So I made videos of several days. I called the mom in again and showed her the video of several days of these stunts. She could not believe it! She was so ashamed of the way she doubted me. She was in the ministry and readily asked forgiveness for the way she talked to me. Upon taking her son for professional help, it was determined that the break up of his parents caused a lot of his behavioral problems when he was with other kids. He is now married and has 2 beautiful children.

Why do I even go through this? Like I said before, this must be my punishment for not liking school. What goes around comes around, huh?

As our school was closing soon, I began to teach my son and my new stepchildren at home. Then as others called to see if I would teach their children, I legally started a school in our home. One boy, Charlie, was in the 9th grade. He did not even want to be in school. He and a couple of girls started passing notes about bringing assault rifles to blow everyone’s heads off. He always wore black and a long black trench coat. He said he would hide the weapons in there. Needless to say, I expelled all three and got a restraining order for all three so that if they ever came on this property again, they would be arrested. The sheriff’s department filed away all of their notes for future reference.

Why me? Why do I keep dealing with kids? I guess I am the amazing one.

One 10th grade boy was afraid his daddy would pick him up after school. His dad was extremely abusive. He even came to school one day and cussed me out…because someone was stealing his son’s pencils. {I found the boy’s pencils, broken and in the back of his desk.} This boy was greatly mentally and physically challenged. Even the dad kidnapped the boy, now 25 years old, and he has not seen his mother for several months. Who has to testify on this boy’s behalf, that he is not emotionally stable? ME! Why do I have to keep subjecting myself to this type of torture? Shouldn’t my responsibilities end when a student graduates? Guess not! Then again, when he was 27 I had to go to court on his behalf for a positive testimony.

One year there was a brother and sister team here {5th and 7th grades}. They went home and told their mother something I said – which I really did not say. She came flying into the classroom one afternoon, screaming at me and accusing me of all manner of evil. After she took time to take a breath I told her to shut up. I had all of what I had said during the day, on tape and we could take the tape to my attorney and I would slap a lawsuit on her family or she could pack up her kids’ belongings and not bring them back. She grabbed her kids’ belongings and left. {The boy is now confined to a wheelchair because of an automobile accident. He lives with his grandparents because his mother has no time for him.} 4/04..he now goes to Greenville tech

You know, it all boils down to the parents.. . the way kids are. Can’t change the kids till their parents change. So in order to keep teaching, I guess I will just have to put up with the parents, ’cause that’s the way kids are. All of their characteristics, peculiarities, and other such nonsense all goes back to the parents. Will I keep teaching? I guess so because that’s the way kids are. Yes, that’s the way kids are. Amazing! I really AM amazed.

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